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* 4. Under what circumstances should a falls risk assessment be undertaken?

* 5. True or false?

All patients identified as a falls risk should have the risk noted on the handover tool used for the ward or unit.

* 6. True or false?

There is no need to record a falls risk on the patients discharge summary.

* 7. If you required a falls mat for an at risk patient in your area, but could not find one, who could you call for assistance?

Select all that could apply

* 8. Which of the following strategies are used to reduce the risk of falls for all patients, irrespective of risk?

* 9. If a patient has a fall on your ward or unit, on which system should the incident be reported?

* 10. You have assessed a patient with complex needs using the FRAMP tool and identified that they are at risk of falls.

Where could you find information to plan interventions in addition to the minimum standards that are in place?

* 11. True or false?

All patients should be engaged in a conversation about the risk of falling in hospital and strategies to prevent falls.