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blueperiod. designs solutions for mental and emotional health in the startup and technology communities.

People talk a lot about building, growing and funding startups. What doesn't get talked about much are the mental and emotional challenges of startup life. We want to start a conversation that inspires action.

By taking this anonymous survey, we hope you find a moment to reflect on your own experience with startups. Your participation will help us better understand the human effects of startupland and develop more sustainable solutions for living a healthy startup life.

WHO IS THIS SURVEY FOR? Anyone who currently works in the startup community - whether as a founder, employee, investor, supporter, critic or otherwise. If you know of someone who might be interested in this subject, please forward the survey link to them: blueperiod.co/survey

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? We believe startups can break through to what's needed for a better world. So it's really important to help people in startupland stay equipped for the inevitable emotional ups and downs of an entrepreneurial life.

Startups = Stress. Staying sane in startupland is no easy task. Stress comes with the territory and is definitely a positive influence. But startups also come with a great deal of risk for everyone involved, both financial and emotional. Knowing how stress affects you and what to do about it will help you thrive.

Startups = People. Cutting-edge technology and business models may turn heads and raise valuations, but for now, human beings are the true engine of startups and innovation. Although it's not as visible as its tech counterpart, the human side of startups is just as crucial to the health of the ecosystem. 

Startups = Creativity. We believe entrepreneurship is an enormously important creative act - one that can create real, positive change for the world. Yet being creative is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. It's a thrill for sure, but you'll have a better ride if you understand the creative process and know how to care for yourself.

WHY NOW? As more and more people enter the startup community, it's all the more urgent that we address the realities and emotional risks of living a startup life and move to humanize startupland.

DETAILS. We appreciate your interest in and support for bringing more transparency to the experience of startup life. The survey should take about 20-25 minutes to complete.

Privacy = Key. We know this topic, for some, carries a stigma - it's what we're working against - so we want you to be comfortable when taking this survey. We promise to anonymously aggregate all responses and won't share anything else that would identify you to others. The only exception would be if you indicate in the survey that you might harm yourself or someone else. In these situations, we're obliged to take measures to ensure safety.

CONTACT. For more information, visit us at blueperiod.co
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