Starting a New Club at Madison College

To form a club, the following steps must be taken: 

1. Make sure that your idea doesn’t already exist as a club. Check the "Groups" section in the WolfPack Connect app and/or check with Student Life.

2. Recruit members. In order to be a formal club, you must have at least 10 interested student members taking at least one-credit class. Hold an Interest Meeting to recruit members. New clubs have 60 days from the date that the intent to register form is submitted to recruit members and submit registration paperwork. At your first meeting, make sure to:

        a. Figure out the mission statement of your group. What is the purpose of the group? What kind of programs or services new members can expect to receive?
        b. Determine membership eligibility.
        c. Tentatively plan a regularly scheduled meeting time/place

3. Secure an Advisor. You can use the Tips & Guidelines for Choosing an Advisor, page 2, to assist you with finding an advisor. Before filling out this form, please make sure to meet with the chosen advisor, to discuss expectations.

4. Complete the Intent to Register form (page 3 of this survey). This form will be kept on file while the club is attempting to form. If anyone inquires about a club similar to the one you are forming, we will be able to communicate that to the interested person so that they can easily contact you and join.

5. Complete the Advising Agreement & Club Expectations form (page 4 of this survey). This form will indicate the chosen advisor's contact information, as well as all expectations of the advisor, student officers, and the new club. 

6. Select officers and begin holding executive and general meetings. Your club will need at least a President/Chairperson and a Club Treasurer.

Student Life will review your application and send you a notification with a status update. The Clubs Coordinator will make the final determination regarding a club’s registration. Appeals regarding granting or rescinding of registered group status may be made to the Director of Student Life.
If you have any questions, please email Candice Jacobs at