1. Starter Company Plus Expression of Interest

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Congratulations, you have made the decision to start or grow your business! 

In order to apply for the Starter Company Plus Program, please take a moment to fill in the following information. This form is two parts. First is a set of multiple choice questions that should not take longer than 10 minutes.
Second, you must provide a brief business concept narrative.This will take additional time. To get you thinking, your narrative should address the following bullets (maximum 1-2 sentences per bullet).

- Describe the business you are planning to start or grow.
- Describe the specific products and or services you are offering.
- What need(s) does your product or service meet?
- Who is your target market?
- How and why it will be feasible/viable as a year round, full time business?
- If you are in growth mode, describe your planned expansion. For example, will you hire employees, increase your revenues, expand to a new location, etc.?
- How will partcipation in this program help you if you are selected as a successful candidate receive training, mentoring and to apply for the grant?
- Why do you feel you will be a successful entrepreneur?

Important Note: Although training, education and assistance with a business plan/growth plan/pivot plan and cash flow projections/budget are provided to all applicants; selection for grant funding is competitive and there are limited spaces available.  Preference to be selected for grant funding assistance will be given to those applicants whose proposals demonstrate realistic plans for:

•             Employment for individuals other than the business owner; and/or,
•             Operating or opening a brick-and-mortar physical location outside of a home office; and/or,
•             Expansion towards new lines of product/service revenue (particularly online/virtual); and/or,
•             Operating in a priority sector (e.g., food & beverage, main street retail, accommodation, arts, entertainment & recreation, sports, cultural, travel and attractions, professional, scientific, technical, medical, life sciences services or technologies that are market ready with demonstrated traction)

Please fill out an expression of interest survey, and our program coordinator will contact you about next steps.

Important: This expression of interest is not a complete application.  In order to complete an application you must submit a substantially completed business plan including cash flow projections. Our program coordinator will help you get started by recommending training sessions and working with you to complete these documents.

Based on your responses to this Expression of Interest survey, we will determine the eligibility of your proposal, if eligible, the program is delivered in two stages:

1.                  Training and Preparation of Business Plan and Cash Flow Projection
2.                  Only for selected candidates: Receive grant funding and begin 3-month mentoring period (September 2020).
Because of the competitive nature of the program, some proposals do not end up satisfying the above criteria as well as other proposals and therefore do not end up being selected to receive grant funding as part of the second stage of the program.  Despite this, we are still available to assist you in working on your business plan and providing you with training and advisory services.

Eligible applicants will be assigned a learning plan which typically includes attending training sessions.  These training sessions will prepare an applicant to write a complete business plan and financial forecast which will be the basis for evaluating the application. You can find the Business Plan and Financial Forecast Templates here:


For example, a learning plan could include attending sessions on the following subjects:

·         Start-up Requirements
·         Financial Forecast
·         Business Planning
·         Sales & Marketing

Please check the dates on our website: http://msbc.markham.ca

The deadline for submitting a completed business plan/growth plan/pivot plan and cash flow projections/budget is Monday March 1, 2021. Interviews will then be conducted and those who are selected to receive a grant will then begin three months of mentoring, starting in April as they work towards executing their business plan/growth plan/pivot plan. This is the first of a number of cohorts, so if your application is not selected for this cohort, there is the possibility that your application could be deferred for consideration in a subsequent cohort (pending funding availability).

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