Charities are constantly faced with the challenge of raising enough funds to support the increasing demand on their services.  Starlight is no exception. As changes to healthcare are implemented at various levels of government, more and more families are turning to Starlight to help close the gap in their healthcare journey.

As a non-government subsidized organization, often times, difficult decisions must be made as how best to support our communities and programs across Canada.

Acceptance into Starlight’s various programs is based on a set of criteria which also take into account each child’s medical situation and the degree of how serious an impact the illness has on their quality of life.  Various aspects of a child’s application is analyzed and weighed in order to determine a child’s eligibility.

As such, while on the surface it may appear that one child’s illness is comparable to another’s, children that are deemed eligible to participate in our programs often have other elements surrounding their application which increases their need of assistance at the time of their acceptance.

Due to privacy laws, Starlight is unable to discuss the details surrounding the eligibility of any applicant.
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