Purpose Statement

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One of CDE’s strategic priorities is to support local education providers in fulfilling the requirements of Colorado’s Achievement Plan for Kids (Senate Bill 08-212). This includes supporting the transition to the Colorado Academic and English Language Proficiency Standards to ensure all of Colorado’s students are postsecondary and workforce ready upon graduation from high school. In adhering to the continuous improvement cycle that CDE values, CDE’s Standards Implementation Team is seeking input and feedback to guide its action plan.

The goals of this survey are for CDE to:
• Evaluate CDE’s support tools and outreach related to the implementation of standards since adoption;
• Gain a deeper understanding of our targeted audiences based on level of awareness, progress through transition, and/or degree of implementation of the new Colorado Standards to allow for differentiated outreach opportunities;
• Provide a needs assessment linked to district’s implementation progress, district size and geographic location to inform the priorities of the Office Standards and Instructional Support; and
• Identify the most valuable, effective, feasible options for CDE to provide support for standards implementation and transforming teaching and learning.

CDE’s Standards Implementation Team will utilize this data to guide its action plan for the next three years.

This survey is voluntary, but your district’s input will be extremely valuable in identifying the best way for us to support you.

This survey is anonymous. We will not ask you to reveal your name or your district.

This is a fairly detailed survey. We encourage respondents to review the PDF version prior to taking the online survey. Survey Monkey does not have the capacity to save work and log in to complete the survey, please download the PDF here.

If you have questions related to this survey, please contact Anna Huffman at huffman_a@cde.state.co.us or (303)866-4703.

We appreciate your time and effort in sharing your district’s experience with us.