Flood Protection Authority Strategic Re-structuring Feedback

Please use this link to provide your thoughts, comments and suggestions about the new organization structure presented by the Flood Protection board president, Joe Hassinger on March 9, 2017.

You may begin providing feedback immediately using the first "comments" section of this survey.  We would also like to hear your thoughts on how change is managed at the Flood Protection Authority so please take a few minutes to complete the follow-on question and to provide additional feedback about change.
Thank you!

* 1. Please share your comments and suggestions about the new organization structure that the Flood Protection board President presented on March 9, 2017:

* 2. Do you think the Flood Protection Authority is undertaking too much or not enough change at the moment?

* 3. Please share any additional comments or suggestions here about the new organization structure and/or change initiatives at the Flood Protection Authority: