* 1. How much would you pay for StableGuard to watch your horse 24/7 at the show? 

The StableGuard system would provide 24/7 live stream video to allow you to check on your horse(night check from the hotel room), it would tell you if your horse is eating, drinking, or going to the bathroom irregularly, it would tell you if there is someone in your horse's stall. And the system would alert you to signs of distress, cast, or getting the horse's leg stuck in the walls of the stall.

* 2. What are your favorite horse shows to go to each year, where you might like to see StableGuard installed at? (Select all that apply)

* 3. How many horses do you bring to the shows?

* 4. What is your email address? (So we can let you know which facilities we will be at)