St. Petersburg made it through Hurricane Irma. Our city was not devastated, but the quality of life we enjoy has been disrupted. Please take the survey below to let us know how your business was impacted by the storm and what kind of assistance you require.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Are you a member of the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce?

* 4. How was your business effected by Hurricane Irma?

* 5. If your business was negatively effected by Hurricane Irma (lost sales/damage to customers, physical damage, etc.) please estimate the impact.

* 6. What do you primarily attribute this loss to?

* 7. What resources do you currently need (if any)?

* 8. Do you have any recommendations for actions that can be taken to minimize loss in the future?

We will contact you to follow up on any immediate needs your business may have, but please visit for more information and access to resources immediately.