2018 worship preference survey

Thank you for taking this survey. Please feel free to add comments or skip optional boxes provided with most questions. God Bless.

* 1. What  is more important to you, the time of worship, the style of worship? (Please check one)

* 2. Any comments about style of worship?

* 3. Please rank the tradional worship that's currently at 11am

* 4. Any comments about 11am worship?

* 5. Please rank the modern worship that's currently at 9:15am

* 6. Any comments about 9:15am worship?

* 7. Please rank the praise worship that's currently at 8am

* 8. Any comments about 8am worship?

* 9. Please rank from 1 to 5 your preferred start time for the service you will attend regardless of style of worship.

* 10. Any comments about worship time?

* 11. Please rank from 1-5 your preferred time for Christian education?

* 12. Any comments about education time?

* 13. Would the incorporation of projection of songs and order of service in the traditional  service be something you would like to see.

* 14. Any comments about video projection?

* 15. Any additional comments, concerns, or questions you want to share?