This 1st public draft plan is the result of several important sources of information:
  • Focus groups with more than 100 school faculty and staff, current and former parents, parishioners, the parish finance council, parish staff and more
  • Survey responses from nearly 200 people
  • Survey input from Steering Committee members
  • Input from the School Commission
  • Feedback to an internal draft by school faculty and staff, the parish staff and the Steering Committee for That Every Child May Flourish
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This 1st public draft plan includes statements of mission, values, vision, goals and objectives.  Input from the State of the School meeting on January 31, 2018 as well as from other feedback meetings in February and March 2018 will be included in future drafts.  A final recommended plan will be presented by the Steering Committee to the School Commission, Pastor and Principal for their review and critique in April 2018.  Final approval of the That Every Child May Flourish plan is the responsibility of the Pastor and Principal. 

A comprehensive action plan (Goals, Objectives, Action Steps, Measures, and Responsibilities) is also being developed to assist with ongoing implementation and evaluation.  Implementation will be for the three-year period beginning May 2018 and extending through early 2021. 

The sections in this internal draft plan are as follows:
I.     Introduction
II.     Mission Statement
III.     Value Statement
IV.     Vision Statement
V.     Goal & Objective Statements