* 1. How satisfied are you with the following aspects of Parish life?

  Highly Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Not Satisfied Not Applicable/Not sure
Hospitality or sense of welcome
Friendliness of the parish office staff
Pastoral leadership
Quality of the homilies
Liturgical banners, decorations and flowers
Music - 5:30 Mass
Music - 8:00 Mass
Music - 10:30 Mass
Mass schedule
Care of the facilities and grounds
Practical suggestions for practicing gospel values in daily life
Encouragement for parishioners to participate in the running of the parish
Availability of support (e.g., bereavement group, counseling)

* 2. Please rate the extent to which there are sufficient opportunities at St. John's for:

  Too Many Just Right Not Enough
Fostering Spiritual Growth (e.g., Small Faith Groups, Men’s Spirituality, Women's Spirituality, Holy Hour, Prayer Enrichment Sessions, Bible Study, Speakers, Retreats, Workshops, Soup and Stations, etc.)
Faith Formation (e.g., GIFT-Family Faith Formation, Sacramental Preparation, Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, etc.)
Contributing to Social Justice Efforts (e.g., Fair Trade, S.H.I.P. , Food Pantry, Environmental Awareness, Giving Trees, Interfaith Hospitality, etc.)
Social Activities (e.g., Yoga, Book Club, Tai Chi, Movie or Game Nights, Community Coffees, etc.)
Youth Oriented Activities (e.g., Youth Ministry, Youth Mass, Catholic Heart Work Camp, Youth Volunteer Opportunities, Easter Egg Hunt, Living Stations of the Cross, etc.)
Parish Gatherings (e.g., Annual Picnic, Community Coffees, Town Hall Meetings, etc.)
Fundraising Activities (e.g., Auction Dinner Dance, Tricky Tray, Tasting Event, Valentine Dinner Dance, Willie Lynch, Tag Sale, Raffles, etc).

* 3. Please indicate the extent to which Parish communication efforts are sufficient to keep you informed.

  Additional Reminders Would Be Helpful Communication Is Sufficient Too Much Communication
Communication about gatherings (e.g., coffees, groups, etc.)
Communication about activities and fundraisers
Communication about Parish operations and finances

* 4. Which method of communication would you check most frequently? Check up to 2.

* 5. What are the top three days that your family would most likely attend an event?

* 6. In what ways are you a steward for St. John's? Check all that apply.

* 7. How often do you exercise your time and talent stewardship?

* 8. Please indicate your attendance at Parish events.

  I Always Attend I Typically Attend I Do Not Typically Attend
Auction Dinner Dance
Tricky Tray
Tasting Event
Willie Lynch Band
Valentines Dinner
Soup and Stations
Spring/Fall Clean-Up
Holiday Decorating and Christmas Party
Annual Picnic
Easter Egg Hunt
Tag Sale
Movie Nights
Town Hall Meetings
Community Coffees

* 9. What would encourage you to stay and socialize at the monthly coffees?  Check up to 3.

* 10. Which would encourage you to attend Town Hall meetings?

* 11. What prevents you from participating more often in Parish ministries and leadership roles? Check up to 3.

* 12. What about our facilities do you particularly like? Check all that apply.

* 13. If you could change or improve one thing about St. John's property, facilities, grounds or use of space that would improve your experience, what would that be?  Please be specific.

* 14. Please rate your overall satisfaction with St. John's.

  Highly Satisfied Mostly Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Not Satisfied
The extent that the Parish meets your spiritual needs
The overall quality of the Parish
The sense of belonging you feel here

* 15. If you could change or improve something about St. John's that would improve your experience, what would that be?  Please be specific

* 16. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?

* 17. Are you interested in learning ore about you can get involved at St. John's?  If so please provide your name and email or contact us at stewardship@ccsjn.org.