St. James' Outreach Committee Community Survey

St. James' Episcopal Church has served the Greater Third Ward community in a variety of ways over the years, largely through educational programs and most recently through our Jubilee ministry that serves many members of our homeless community.  We have set our sights on providing greater levels of service to our community and during the past year, St. James' members have gathered and reviewed important information about the surrounding community from a number of sources in order to begin identifying areas of need and concern in our vibrant and ever changing area.  While reports from credible sources provide an essential backdrop for understanding, the voice of the community is most important to us! Therefore, this brief 14 item survey has been crafted with the explicit intent of collecting opinions and perceptions from residents, community members and stakeholders with regard to areas of greatest need of support.  We will use the information gathered through this survey in combination with information collected through community conversations and other sources in order determine new areas of focus for the church to serve to the community through our membership, as well as through partnerships with others willing to serve.

We appreciate your time and voice, and we look forward to reading your responses!

* 1. My age falls in the following group

* 2. The following best describes my affiliation with the Greater Third Ward community area, including the extended boundaries of MLK Boulevard, Old Spanish Trail (OST)/Griggs Road, San Jacinto Street, and Interstate Highway 45. Select all that apply.

* 3. What makes the Greater Third Ward community area a great place to live, work and visit?

* 4. What type of supports or services need to be more regularly accessible to residents of the Greater Third Ward community area?

* 5. What are the two most important long-term needs in the Greater Third Ward community area?

* 6. Which members of the Greater Third Ward community area suffer most due to a lack of resources, services and ongoing support?

* 7. Who are the particular groups of people in the Greater Third Ward community area that do not receive the support needed to become productive community members?

* 8. Please rank order from 1-8 which type of assistance is most needed to support populations in the community area boundaries.  [NOTE: 1 = most needed; 8 = least needed]

* 9. What critical supports and services are currently being provided at high levels in the community area?

* 10. What types of new services are needed to support the residents of the Greater Third Ward community?

* 11. If you had the power to do one thing that would instantly support Greater Third Ward community members in need and improve the neighborhood from its current state of reality to a more ideal state of existence, what would it be?

* 12. Who are the critical people and/or organizations in the community that St. James' Episcopal Church should seek to partner with in order to meet the needs you have shared?

* 13. If you had a choice of one main support service that you could have the members of St. James' Episcopal Church provide to help make your vision of a perfect community come true, what would it be and why?

* 14. Please feel free to leave additional comments regarding support services that St. James' Episcopal Church might consider providing in order to improve conditions in the Greater Third Ward community area in the space provided below.

100% of survey complete.