* 1. This survey is for those parents who have teenagers at home. 
Please indicate the age of your teenager(s), grade level, and school below:

* 2. Expectations for the Youth Ministry Program

To assist us in developing programs which address your expectations as well as your young people, please identify your most   important goals for youth ministry by circling five items.

* 3. Family Concerns

Below are listed some of the concerns faced by families with youth. Please indicate how strong each concern is felt by your family by circling: 1 = no concern, 2 = minor concern, 3 = major concern.

  1 2 3
1. Scheduling hassles
2. Balancing school, home, and work 
3. Lack of time together as family 
4. Poor communication
5. Parental separation/divorce/remarriage
6. Problems with family finances
7. Making realistic rules and expectations
8. Participation in Mass/parish programs
9. Substance abuse: alcohol
10. Substance abuse: drugs
11. Making moral decisions
12. On moral issues: sexuality
13. Getting along with siblings
14. Living a faithful life
15. Prayer
16. Tension between racial or ethnic groups
17. Sharing time in service to others
18. Balancing family and community commitments

* 4. Program Interest

If the parish sponsored programs in the following areas, which would you consider attending?  (Mark as many as you like.)

* 5. A Final Question: If you could ask for one thing from the church to help your family, what it be?