Campus Plan Survey

After a year of planning, St. Columbkille is in the early stages of communicating and gaining feedback for campus improvement projects. The below Campus Planning projects are under consideration, if funding will support them. Please review each of the Plan Concept designs and Facility Project overview for information about these plans. Please rate each of the proposed capital projects on its own merits as a priority for St. Columbkille

* 1. Social Hall Renovations

* 2. Multi-purpose facility

* 3. Parking improvements completion (Pave the Way)

* 4. Gathering Space/Narthex

* 5. Are you personally in favor of St. Columbkille embarking on a future campaign to accomplish any of these campus goals?


* 7. Considering the campus concepts presented, would you support the continued planning for St. Columbkille facilities?

* 8. Are there any other projects that you would like the Facilities Committee to consider because you would personally be interested in funding?

* 9. If Yes, please list the project(s)

* 10. Do you have any further comments or suggestions that would be helpful to the Facilities Committee should they continue to progress with the St. Columbkille Campus planning effort?

* 11. What is your name? (Optional)

* 12. At what email address would you like to be contacted?

* 13. Best number to contact with questions: