1. St. Albans WIC Provider Materials Order Form 2.0

Breastfeeding resources are available to St. Albans area provider offices participating in the WIC Mother/Baby Breastfeeding Project.

If you have questions about the project or about using this order form, please contact the WIC Program in the St. Albans District Office.

St. Albans District Office WIC Program
Telephone: 802-524-7970 option 3

St. Albans District Office breastfeeding designee
e-mail: rachael.gregory@state.vt.us

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* 4. Professional training options from the Physician Lactation Education Collaborative of Washington:

* 5. Professional training options (continued):

* 6. Professional education resources:

A Guide for the
Medical Profession
(Lawrence & Lawrence)

Breastfeeding:<br>A Guide for the<br>Medical Profession<br>(Lawrence &amp; Lawrence)

Breastfeeding Answers
Made Simple

Breastfeeding Answers<br>Made Simple<br>(Mohrbacher)

Natural, Biological,
Instinctual, Challenging

Breastfeeding: <br>Natural, Biological, <br>Instinctual, Challenging <br>(WIC)

and Mothers' Milk

Medications<br>and Mothers' Milk<br>(Hale)

* 7. Patient Materials

Amy Spangler's
"What Breastfed Babies Do"

Amy Spangler's<br>"What Breastfed Babies Do"<br>DVD

Born and Raised
the Vermont Way

Born and Raised <br>the Vermont Way <br>magazine<br>

Hospital Experience

Hospital Experience

My Breastfeeding Checklist

My Breastfeeding Checklist

My Breastfeeding Checklist
(pediatric version)

My Breastfeeding Checklist<br>(pediatric version)

Plan for Success Poster

Plan for Success Poster<br>(OB/FP)

Plan for Success Poster

Plan for Success Poster<br>(Peds)

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* 9. Would you like to sign up for brief updates on breastfeeding in Vermont via e-mail? These updates will occur no more than 4 times per year.

* 10. Any questions? Please call the WIC Program at 802-524-7970 option 3 or contact us via e-mail at rachael.gregory@ahs.state.vt.us

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