Setting Priorities for the 2020-2022 Accessibility Plan

St.Amant's Commitment to Accessibility

All people have the right to participate fully in their community. St.Amant commits to:
  • Be fully accessible for the people we support, their families and teams, and our staff,
  • Be a leader in Manitoba for accessibility,
  • Share our knowledge and skills, and
  • Stand up for all people’s rights.
The Accessibility Planning Committee is working on St.Amant's Accessibility Plan for 2020-2022. We need your help to set the accessibility priorities for St.Amant. The goal is to improve accessibility by removing barriers for people.

What are the most important accessibility improvements for St.Amant? Please choose your top five from the list below (in any order). Or add your own ideas.

With your feedback, we will identify the top 10 barriers to focus on over the next two years. The committee will use the following criteria when setting priorities: the impact of removing the barrier, cost, and risk/safety implications.

Question Title

* 1. Accessibility Improvements (select five items)

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* 2. Please provide any feedback or details on the priorities you selected or the accessibility plan in general. (optional)

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* 3. What is your relationship to St.Amant?