This form is an application for the SquidGuild Bridge program. Membership in SquidGuild Bridge is open only to TurboSquid artists who have a signed, time-limited agreement with another distribution channel for their 3D models which prevents them from joining the SquidGuild. Before applying, please read the SquidGuild Bridge FAQ in our Knowledge Base to ensure the program is right for you:

* 1. Please fill out the following information.

* 2. What agreement do you have with another distribution channel?

* 3. How many other models do you have? In other words, how many of your models can become exclusive to TurboSquid? NOTE: You must have at least 15 models that can be exclusive to TurboSquid, in order to qualify for SquidGuild Bridge.

* 4. We are interested to know your reasons for applying to SquidGuild Bridge. Please check all that apply.

Thank you for your application for SquidGuild Bridge. You will receive a support ticket soon regarding your application.