Because of the federal disaster that was declared following the tornado of June 1, 2011, the City of Springfield is eligible for new federal funds to better prepare for disasters and recover faster from them. Types of disasters include severe storms (like the tornado), but also floods, heavy snow, extreme heat, earthquakes and major accidents. Your opinions are very important!  Strong input from residents will make it more likely that Springfield will receive federal support. Your responses are confidential.

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* 1. What improvements to streets and properties will help with disaster recovery?

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City streets designed to reduce storm water runoff
Help homeowners install rain gardens to soak up storm water and reduce flooding on private property
Replace undersized culverts to handle more storm water
Improve the health and number of shade trees
Reduce paved surfaces to slow the “urban heat island” effect
Improve the structural safety of dams and levees
Repair and improve sidewalks
Improve river and lake front areas to reduce flooding, increase recreational and boating access
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