WCASS invites all interested persons to submit proposals for presentations for Spring 2019!

Please complete the form below to be considered as a presenter for:

Wisconsin Council of Special Services (WCASS) - 2019 Spring Conference
May 1-3, 2019
Glacier Canyon Lodge, WI Dells

Selection Criteria:

Presentation selection is based on the following criteria and will be given priority consideration:

- Clarity of organization and presentation
- Estimated audience appeal
- Innovations for the field
- Degree to which it addresses a special need or strand area and overall balance of topics among strands.
- Creativity in interaction with participants
- Feasibility of presentation

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for selecting all papers and programs presented.  The Professional Development Committee will review each proposal and notify you via email in a timely manner. 

If you have questions on the form or conference contact Diane at (608) 729-6663 or diane@awsa.org


Presenters need to REGISTER for the CONFERENCE, registration is NOT WAIVED for presenters.
We understand that many sessions have multiple presenters. The "Presentation Contact" noted below will receive ALL communications for presenters. It is his or her responsibility to share information with co-presenters.

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* 1. Title of Presentation:  (limit 8 words)

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* 4. Abstract:  A brief summary of the proposed presentation (no more than 100 words, Note: this will be used in the printed program as your session description).

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* 5. Presentation Description:  Provide a 400 - 600 word description of the nature of the program, program format, presenter's role in the program and planned material for participants.

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* 6. Strand Area:  (Please indicate the area of applicability to the proposed presentation:)

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* 7. Learner Outcomes:  List 2 - 3 expected learner outcomes:

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* 8. Are you willing to write an article for our newsletters?

Audiovisual Needs:  Projector and screens will be made available.  Presenters are responsible for bringing their own laptop and NECESSARY adapter cords for projectors (e.g. Apple products).

House Sound:  Connection to the house sound system is an added cost.  This needs to be discussed with Gary Myrah in advance.

Internet Connection:  Standard provided for all conference attendees.  If hard wire connection is needed, this needs to be discussed with Gary Myrah in advance.

Registration: Presenters need to REGISTER for the CONFERENCE, registration is NOT WAIVED for presenters.

REMINDER:  Submission Deadline is March 1, 2019 

Once sessions have been selected, you will be notified. The information you provide on this form may be used on the WCASS website, in promotional materials, and the convention program.