Your Spring 2019 Plans are Important to Us!

Form Completion Instructions

A. Registration Advisement Available for Spring 2019 Courses, EOF Grant Suspension if NOT Registered by December 20, 2018

If intending to re-enroll for spring 2019 you must register for your courses by December 20th and our EOF Student Success Coaches are available to assist you with this. You may use this form to register for one of our group registration advisement sessions OR you may elect to call our office to schedule a one to one appointment.

Please be aware, our records do indicate as of Wednesday, November 20, you were not registered for any spring 2019 courses at Brookdale. We are suspending spring 2019 EOF grants for students who are not enrolled by December 20, 2018. The EOF grant will be removed from financial aid packages and awarded to newly admitted students for the spring 2019 semester.

B. If Planning to Not Return to Brookdale

This form should be used to let us know you are not returning for the spring 2019 semester and reasons why. We are asking that if not returning  and IF your EOF Student Success Coach is not aware of this that you schedule an appointment with your EOF Student Success coach prior to December 20 to discuss your plans for life after Brookdale. We want to make sure all assistance is given to you as you look to move on.