Planning Assignments that Don’t Turn into Ugly Surprises

Planning Assignments that Don’t Turn into Ugly Surprises
Saturday, January 20, 10:00am-12:00noon
Light Brunch begins at 9:30
ITLAL Underground (Library B-69)

      “What on earth is this?!?”

      “I thought they understood these concepts better. How could they possibly come up with this response?”

      “That isn’t what I was asking for at all!”

If you’ve found yourself saying any (or all!) of these things while grading student assignments, this workshop is for you! Many times we create assignments that are more complex—or less clearly explained—than we realize, and we find ourselves stymied by our students’ poor performance. In this session, we will work through strategies to help us (1) assign work for our students that assesses the appropriate knowledge and skills, (2) communicate our expectations clearly, and (3) give students sufficient opportunities to practice the key skills to ensure their success on those assignments.

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