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Ranked by Forbes as one of the top 10 business accelerators for women in the USA and 
selected as one of the 2015 SBA Growth Accelerator finalists,
Hera Labs is a business accelerator for women entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, providing resources, rigorous labs, mentors, and investors to take sparks of ideas to market or scale existing businesses to their full potential.
The value of this intensive is estimated at over $30,000.
We bring access to education, resources, and mentors for a fraction of that, an investment by you of $2,000.
*Payment is requested after acceptance into the program (payment plans available) and some merit-based scholarships are awarded

* 1. Please provide basic information about you:

* 2. What top assets do you bring to the launch of this startup? For example, Do you have domain expertise in it?

* 3. What are the biggest roadblock(s) to launching this idea?

* 4. What is the most impressive thing that you have done, other than founding this startup? Any business creations, discoveries, awards, or insights that you're particularly proud of?

* 5. If you were referred to Hera Labs by someone, please tell us their name:

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