Please use this form to provide the information needed for generating RA Contracts. If you are confident that you will want a student working for the entire academic year or 12-months and you have the funding means to do so, please consider appointing students for a Fall/Spring or 12-month contract instead of semester by semester as this saves a great deal of time and effort for everyone involved.

Please understand that the contract process takes time and requires the following steps: 
1. Contract request submitted
2. Contract/forms generated

3. Contract review for funds approval
4. Contract/forms issued to student for faculty/student signatures
5. Signed contract/forms returned to CSEE
6. Contract copy provided to CSEE payroll and accounting (payroll must then follow a series of steps to get student on payroll)
7. Health insurance enrollment form processed through university health services (this is done each semester that a student is enrolled)
8. Tuition remission form processed through Student Business Services (this is done each semester that a student is enrolled)

RAs can be appointed to 12-month positions which may only begin in August. Otherwise, appointments for the traditional periods (Fall/Spring/Summer) will still be made. See below for further details.

* 1. Name of Faculty Making the Appointment(s)

* 2. Name(s) of Student(s)

* 3. Student EMPL ID Number
(10-digit number which can be found in PeopleSoft Advising Center. This is NOT the seven digit letters/numbers combination on the front of the ID Card)

* 5. Period of Appointment - Please pay attention to start and end dates!! It can be very helpful for future reference if you make copies of all your RA contracts and enter your RAs' contract start and end dates in your Google Calendar (including multiple reminders for renewal at least 8-10 weeks before the contract ends).

**Things to note**
- There is a 2 pay-period gap between Fall and Spring appointments during the month of January. If you will be expecting students to work during this "gap", you will need to calculate the stipend accordingly and adjust the end date of a Fall contract or beginning date of a Spring contract accordingly.

- Summer 2017 contracts will be completed using a separate form during the Spring 2017 semester.

  Fall 2016 Only (8/21/2016-12/24/2016) Spring 2017 Only (1/25/2016-5/28/2016) Fall & Spring (8/21/2016-5/27/2016) 12 months (8/21/2016-8/19/2017)
Student 1:
Student 2:
Student 3:
Student 4:
Student 5:

* 6. Number of Weekly Hours

  10 Hours (Part-Time) 20 Hours (Full-Time)
Student 1:
Student 2:
Student 3:
Student 4:
Student 5:

* 7.
(amount stated should correspond with "Period of Appointment.")


For calculation purposes --> Based on a 20 pay-period Fall & Spring appointment, the department's bi-weekly pay rate for students is:

10-Hour: $468

20-Hour: $937

For those who would like to pay the "standard" or "regular" stipend, the 2016-2017 Departmental Salary Stipends are as follows:

10-Hour Fall or Spring Only - $4,688

20-Hour Fall or Spring Only - $9,376

10-Hour Fall & Spring - $9,376

20-Hour Fall & Spring - $18,753

12-Month - The department does not have a 12-month GA stipend but it would roughly calculate to $24,362 for a 20 hour/week graduate assistant. 

For information on minimum GA Stipend requirements, please go to:

* 8. Number of Credits of Tuition Remission You Will Provide Each Semester of the Appointment:

  0 Credits 01 Credit 02 Credits 03 Credits 04 Credits 05 Credits 06 Credits 07 Credits 08 Credits 09 Credits 10 Credits
Student 1:
Student 2:
Student 3
Student 4:
Student 5:

* 9. Will Health Insurance Coverage Be Provided?

Costs for 2016-2017. 

Fall 2016: $1,664

Spring 2017: $2,049 (coverage includes Summer 2017)

  Yes - Student Only Yes - Student and Dependent(s) No - Health Insurance Coverage Will NOT Be Provided
Student 1:
Student 2:
Student 3:
Student 4:
Student 5:

* 10. Which "Chart String" will this/these RA appointment(s) be charged under? Please provide as much of the chart string as possible.

If you will be splitting between multiple Chart Strings, please indicate what % will come from each Chart String. 

* 11. Comments, information, etc. that was not covered in the form: