WHAT: Taking its name from the city where Jesus’ disciples were first called Christians (Acts 11:26), Antioch is a weekend retreat for traditional-age college students.Antioch creates time and space for the participant to experience God’s initiative in loving him/her, God’s deep desire for a personal relationship with each one. It calls each participant to respond to that initiative by living in an ever-deepening relationship with God. As participants witness, converse, pray, and celebrate sacraments together, the retreat is both an articulation of Christianity and an experience of it. Over the course of the weekend, participants come to a better understanding of what it means for a college student to be a disciple of Jesus in today’s world.

WHEN: March 24-25
We depart campus at 9:00 am Saturday and return on Sunday for a special community event which will end by 8:00 pm.

Retreat leaders will provide transportation.Under NO circumstances will a participant be allowed to travel separately.It is expected that each participant will remain at camp and later on campus for the duration of the retreat. No coming and going is permitted.

WHERE: Camp Albrecht Acres
***Please note that the camp is a non-smoking facility.***