Welcome to the Nanaimo Hospitality Sporting Event Online Grant Application!

This application form is for a Nanaimo Hospitality Sporting Event Grant. If you are applying for funding for a Festival or Event that is not sport-related, or for a feasibility study for a tourism or sport-related initiative, please use one of the other grant application forms available on the Nanaimo Hospitality Association website.

Please read the Program Information found on the Nanaimo Hospitality Assn webpage BEFORE completing this application form so you are aware of the eligibility requirements and evaluation criteria for this grant.  

It is also advisable to read the Question Preview document so that you know what questions will be asked and you can gather all of the required information BEFORE you begin the application. Once you have started the online application process, you are required to fill out the entire application in one sitting, as you will be unable to save your progress. You will be able to change your answers within the application while you are completing it, but once you have submitted the application, you will not be able to go back and add or change any of the information in the online form.

For questions regarding the application and the program, please contact  grants@nanaimohospitality.ca.