SportHamilton has received an Ontario Trillium Foundation Seed Grant for a feasibility study. This study, conducted by Architecture49 will assess the inclusive needs of all Hamilton community sport groups, interested individuals and related businesses regarding the viability of constructing a year round, multi-sport, multi-use indoor training and competition facility intended to foster more active lifestyle opportunities for all residents, to serve as a hub for sport, both high performance and recreational, sport development, including community health and wellness and physical rehabilitation programs. Programs would provide opportunities for all ages: children, youth, adults and seniors.

Valuable input from all stakeholders will serve as a needs assessment and also help shape the development and planning (including, concept design, facility features and programming) of this new multi-sport indoor facility.

Any questions are to be directed to Matthew Delean at Architecture49.
Phone: (416) 368.6987 Email:

Results of the feasibility study will be published by August 31, 2017.

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* 1. Does your organization have an interest in investigating a partnership with the proposed multi-use complex?

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* 3.  As a potential project stakeholder, please provide any other comments or suggestions your organization may want to share that could assist us in the development of this proposed indoor, multi-use multi-sport facility. 

We would like to express our appreciation for taking the time to complete our survey. If you are aware of any individuals or groups who may like to take part, kindly forward the survey link to their attention.