You recently had the chance to read and pick up your own personal copy of “Life Happens Here: A Scrapbook Celebrating 100 Years of Spirited Care.” Please let us know what you think of this commemorative centennial book. Your feedback will be useful in evaluating our approach to this historic celebration.

* 1. The scrapbook format was ____________________.

* 2. Compared with traditional commemorative accounts of organizational history, I enjoyed this book ___________________.

* 3. After reading the book, I understand _______________ about St. Mary’s long history in Madison.

* 4. After reviewing the book, my opinion of St. Mary’s ______________________.

* 5. I will likely _____________________.

* 6. This book reflects the St. Mary’s I have heard about or experienced.

* 7. General comments about the book, St. Mary’s history or St. Mary’s today:

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