The Spirit of McMurry Award was created in 2011 by the Alumni Association to honor Alumni who have graduated in the last 20 years and have excelled in their profession, served their community, and served McMurry. The nominee must be a graduate of McMurry and must not be employed by the University.

* 1. Nominee contact information

* 2. State why the nominee deserves this award. (100 word limit)

* 3. Provide examples of professional achievement beyond what is normally considered
successful or expected in this field. (100 word limit)

* 4. Provide examples of achievement and service to the community, such as serving in leadership
roles that truly make the community a better place. (100 word limit)

* 5. Provide examples of service to McMurry University after graduation. Examples could include
supporting the University financially within their means, serving time in various capacities on
boards, recruiting efforts, attendance at events, and volunteer leadership. Please only provide
examples after graduating from McMurry. (100 word limit)

* 6. Provide web links to press articles, biographical information or other websites which support
achievement in profession, service to community and/or service to McMurry. (100 word limit)

* 7. Your contact information

* 8. Please indicate that all the information contained in this nomination is factually correct and honestly presented.