Mansfield ISD Administration is seeking input to help determine the preferred characteristics of the next campus principal. It is our hope that you will provide important feedback on the skills you feel are most critical for school success.

* 1. Please pickĀ an answer that best describes you.

For the following six questions, please rank how important each of these characteristics are to you.

* 2. Communication: Adapts style and approach appropriately to the audience, communicates the vision, can explain and defend decisions, become the face and voice of the school, engages in efforts to improve and expand communications, champion for the school, and has the ability to positively interact with the community.

* 3. Instructional Leadership: Has a good working knowledge of curriculum, understands what engages students, and fosters positive learning conditions for teachers and students.

* 4. Effective Listener: Willing to understand and consider multiple points of view, keeps an open door policy regarding the concerns, suggestions and comments from others.

* 5. Student-oriented: Passionate about educating every child to his/her potential, desires to provide programs and resources to maximize student performance in all subgroups, believes the success of every student is a top priority at all times.

* 6. Planning and Leadership: Ability to lead and motivate people to perform at their highest level and sets high, but realistic and measurable, expectations for all employees. Is capable of conflict resolution and can recognize and admit when something is not working. Involves others in and engages in strategic planning.

* 7. Teamwork: Creates conditions for success, gives credit to others, takes blame, fosters collaboration, keeps purposes clear, empowers to act, provides clear expectations for desired results.

* 8. Please pick the ONE strength that you feel is most important for the new principal to have.

* 9. Is there a characteristic of a great principal for your school that was not listed above?

* 10. What do you feel is the greatest need at this school? Please explain.

* 11. What successful programs would you like to continue under the new principal?

* 12. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your school?

* 13. How did you hear about this survey? (Check all that apply)