Federal transit law, as amended by SAFETEA–LU (2005), and continued in MAP-21 (2012), requires that projects selected for funding under the Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program be “derived from a locally developed, coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan” and that the plan be “developed through a process that includes representatives of public, private, and non-profit transportation and human services providers and participation by members of the public.”

MAP-21 repealed 5316 (Job Access and Reverse Commute) and 5317 (New Freedom) programs. 5316 projects are now eligible for funding under public transportation grants programs (5311 and 5307), which do not require coordinated planning. 5317 projects are now eligible under 5310 and require coordinated planning.

Plans are required for counties to receive their 85.21 state funds!

The goal of the coordinated planning process is to develop a five-year plan that emphasizes strategies for specialized transportation that are broad and encompassing to accommodate action items.

4 Required Elements of a Coordinated Plan:
• An assessment of available services that identifies current transportation providers (public, private, and non-profit);
• An assessment of the transportation needs for individuals with disabilities and older adults. This assessment can be based on the experiences and perceptions of the planning partners or on more sophisticated data collection efforts, as well as gaps in service;
• Strategies, activities, and/or projects to address the identified gaps between current services and needs, as well as opportunities to improve efficiency in service delivery; and
• Priorities for implementation based on resources (from multiple program sources), time, and feasibility for implementing specific strategies and/or activities identified.

The results of the survey will be included in the County Coordinated Planning Process for Public & Human Services Transportation Plan.

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