Today is July 4, 2022.

You've always been a Star Wars fan. The mission to do something great and fantasy of it all drew you in. Leia. What a woman to be. You get a bit misty, knowing Carrie Fisher would get a kick out of where we are today.
Today is the day of decision. Last month, when it was announced that your company would be establishing headquarters on Mars, the media had gone crazy. Every one of your friends tagged you in news articles. You were elated that SpaceX was committing to interplanetary exploration, but your chest tightened at what you knew was coming your way.
As the lead human designer at SpaceX, this announcement had been at the front of your mind for months, stirring up excitement and anxiety. You were in the inner circle of designing for this future and as a result, had been given the opportunity to go. They would need your skills and experience in this new world.
Today. It is the day you turn in your official decision.

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Do you decide to:

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