Background to study

This survey forms part of a research project being undertaken by the World Editors Forum, anchored within WAN-IFRA's Paris headquarters, as commissioned by UNESCO, in partnership with the Swedish International Development Corporation Agency (SIDA).

The fundamental purpose of this research is to assess legal protections for journalists' sources in the digital era on a global scale, identify good practice and make recommendations to UNESCO to address issues identified in the course of this research.

You can read more about the project and access the detailed Research Concept Document here:

The project is being led by WEF/WAN-IFRA Research Fellow Julie Posetti (;, a University of Wollongong (Australia) journalism academic who is acting as Chief Researcher. The head Research Assistant on the project is Federica Cherubini (;

Please contact us directly if you have sensitive information to share as part of this research and we will provide details of secure methods.

The hashtag we are using to publicly discuss the broad issues of this research and crowdsource potential case studies is #SourcesStudy.