2013 Montana State University "Spirit of the West" Marching Band Pre-Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Montana State University “Spirit of the West” Marching Band. Please fill-out this form to pre-register for the band.

By pre-registering, you WILL…
…be automatically entered into a drawing for an ADDITIONAL $300 bonus scholarship (participation in the 2013 marching band required to win)
…receive updates with regards to band camp, student leadership results, and music selections
…help us plan for next season in terms of instrumentation and logistics

By pre-registering, you WILL NOT…
…be enrolled in marching band for fall of 2013. You must do this during orientation.
…have a secure position in the SOTW. You will do this in the summer when you confirm your intent to come to MSU and join the SotW.

All members of the Spirit of the West receive partial tuition waivers and are eligible for dedicated scholarships

Your Name

Marching Band Instrument

Contact INFO (to receive news and updates about the SotW)

Anticipated Major at MSU (The band is made up of students from dozens of majors campus-wide. All MSU students are welcome)

Anticipated first semester of study at MSU

High School

Total Years of Marching Band Experience

IMPORTANT DETAILS -- because they have been concerns in the past

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All members are required to attend band camp to receive full credit/scholarship. Band camp is scheduled for Aug. 18-24, 2013 (with Drumline/Colorguard placements on the 16th and 17th).
All members are required to enroll in MUSI 155 "Spirit of the West Marching Band"
Incoming Freshman should participate in orientation during the spring/summer and not during band camp to avoid conflict with rehearsals
All members are required to complete a member agreement form before getting a place in the drill (will be emailed to you in the summer)

Please provide any other information/experience that is relevant to your background in marching band.