This survey is designed to evaluate and analyse the creative processes used by songwriters. The information you supply here will be used to inform Joe Bennett’s academic research into this area and the results will be published in a PhD thesis which will be made available online from 2014. This is academic research, and the information you provide will be used on a non-profit basis.

The purpose of the research is to discover and analyse evidence of the ways songwriters work, through a combination of interviews, songwriting practice, song analysis and surveying songwriters of all levels of experience.

By participating you are agreeing that excerpts from your responses may be published. By default, the survey is anonymous, and you will not be personally identified in the final research unless you choose to provide your name. If you do wish to provide your name it will appear in the list of acknowledgements in the final research thesis in the ‘Thanks to…’ section.

I hope that, as a busy and creative songwriter, you feel able to support the research by sharing your thoughts on the process.