To provide for a sustainable future, we need to address the immediate future management of all the solid waste services in the South Waikato. This includes collection, disposal, recycling and reduction.

We have four key objectives regarding the future of waste:
  • Provide best value to ratepayers and landfill users
  • Reduce the total amount of waste to landfill
  • Maximise the total amount of material diverted from landfill
  • Provide support to South Waikato Achievement Trust (SWAT) for the re-use and recovery of materials
The last two decades have seen a significant change in the way that waste is viewed and managed both nationally and globally.

The focus is now on reducing waste at every step, with waste disposal considered to be a last option. This is reflected in national and local legislation. We need to stop more waste going to landfill and recover more through recycling and re-use.

This is why we are providing stakeholders, ratepayers and the South Waikato community with this consultation opportunity.

It outlines two key waste disposal options - do we build a new landfill or transport our waste out of the district.

Council staff, together with engineering and waste consultants have developed a preferred option. This is option 1 (over the page) - Build a Transfer Station and transport solid waste out of the district to a commercial landfill.

A range of criteria were used in the development of these options including reducing environmental impact, best value for ratepayers and best practice regarding waste management and minimisation.

Our preferred option is seen as an effective way of managing our responsibilities well in a way that doesn’t overburden ratepayers.

But we want to know what you think.

Please ensure you read the consultation document prior to choosing which option you prefer.

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Thank you for your feedback. Your time and consideration is appreciated.