Introduction to the Open Door Gallery, Boston

The Open Door Gallery, operated by VSA Massachusetts, is located in downtown Boston, near South Station in the NonProfit Center.

VSA Massachusetts, the State Organization on Art and Disability, is opening up the gallery for community and artist collaboration and co-creation. The gallery’s mission is to center narratives and works by artists, art collaboratives and organizations that identify as part of the disability community, welcoming conversations on inclusion, equity and intersectional justice through the arts. We deeply believe that art is an essential tool for expressing our individual and collective voice, dismantling systems of oppression, and elucidating assets of individuals and communities.

For VSA MA, the disability community involves those directly impacted by physical, cognitive, learning, and emotional/behavioral disabilities, mental health issues, chronic care conditions - and any variance therein. VSA MA is also interested in centering the voice of care partners, practitioners and allies of the disability community.

To that end, we produce four shows annually, each for three months.

We welcome applications from:
-  Individual artist (solo show)
-  Artist collective (group show)
-  Community show (organization-led show)
-  Curated show (traveling show or body of work)

We invite applications that are multi-disciplinary, but given the format of the gallery, applications must heavily involve a visual arts based component and/or representation of process through primarily 2-D visual media.

Artists are invited but not required to sell their work. VSA MA will handle all sales related to the show, with 30% of the total sales going to VSA MA and 70% to the artist(s)/organization.

Applications will be accepted November 5th - December 12th, and are reviewed by a gallery advisory committee. Selected shows will be notified January 5th, including their showing slot.
The application can be accessed via word document here for your preparation before submitting online. Should you wish to submit through a word document, complete applications can also be sent to

Questions or concerns can be directed to VSA MA’s Communications and Gallery Associate, Ali Blake, via:

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