Program Priorities Survey

The City of South Gate's Parks & Recreation Department is currently gathering community input regarding program needs and priorities.  The results will be used to help guide the design, construction and eventual programming at a new community center to replace the existing Girls Club House at South Gate Park.  Your participation and the answers to the following questions will help us to ensure that the new facility will be prepared to handle our communities recreation needs for many years to come.

* 1. Please tell us which of the programs listed below the City should include in the new building

  This program is not needed Current programs meet my needs Some new programs in this area would be nice Many more programs like this are needed No Opinion
Kindergarten Readiness (Preschool)
Full day Preschool (Childcare)
Senior Services
Arts programs (pottery, painting, drawing)
Music Programs
Dance and Theater arts Programs
Vocational programs (woodworking, plumbing, auto repair)
Technology programs (Computer learning, photography)
Social (special interest clubs and activities)
Education and tutoring classes
Youth Clubs and activities

* 2. Please prioritize which programs you feel should be the top priorities for the new building.

* 3. Please indicate how important the following uses are to include in the new facility.

  Not necessary at all A low priority No opinion Should be considered A must have (Top priority)
Space for local club meetings (Rotary, Women's Club, Girls Scouts)
Office space for volunteer organizations
An auditorium for larger events and meetings
A comfortable lounge or lobby space for those who are waiting
Space for information and resources
A kitchen for catering events 
A kitchen for teaching youth and adults
Space for performances and lectures
Infrastructure to support computers and technology
Movable walls to allow several small rooms to become one large one
A strong connection between the indoor space and the outdoors

* 4. How many floors would you like to see this building to be?

* 5. What additional uses would you like to see for this community center?

* 6. Are there any specific amenities that you would like to see that have not been mentioned?

* 7. What is your age?

* 8. What City do you live in?

* 9. How often do you visit South Gate Park?

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