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Tree Ordinance

Trees help provide clean air, clean water, beauty, and habitat for wildlife in Sonoma County. However, trees are being damaged or killed from climate change, development, fire and disease.

The County is considering expanding tree protections. On a small number of projects where native trees with trunks over 6” across are removed, the Tree Protection Ordinance requires owners who remove trees to plant trees or pay for the county to plant trees.

The county is considering whether to expand tree protections and would like to better understand your tree protection priorities.

Question Title

* 1. Should this type of project be required to offset the environmental impacts of tree removal by replanting trees or paying replanting fees?

  Yes No Don't Know
Clearing or removing trees for agricultural food production
Building structures for agricultural processing, production, or tourist activities
Clearing or removing tress for agriculture not involving food production
Housing outside of urban areas
Clean / Renewable Energy Storage and Distribution Facilities (e.g. solar panels and related structures)
Commercial or Industrial Uses
Commercial firewood harvesting
Housing in urban areas

Question Title

* 2. Do you have any thoughts about how the County should prioritize the protection of trees?