SoCal T*Camp brings together trans/genderqueer and gender-questioning students for an intercampus retreat January 5-7, 2018. Both undergraduates and graduates who are currently enrolled are welcome to apply.

If you attend one of the following campuses, please wait to apply to NorCal T-Camp, scheduled for later in the academic year.

Retreat planners will notify you in November if you have been selected to attend SoCal T*Camp, and you will need to complete a Liability Waiver and Emergency Contact Form.

A campus representative will work with you on ways to cover the $150 attendance fee, including via student government grants, departmental funds, etc. Payment will be due by early December from those selected to attend.

Your answers below are only shared with retreat planners. Your identity will be kept confidential.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications from students enrolled in online-only universities.

* 1. Preferred Name (for name tag and contact sheet in retreat folder)

* 2. The gender pronoun(s) others should use for you, if any.

* 4. Did you attend T*Camp in the past?

* 5. Student ID number

* 6. Full Name on your student ID card:

* 7. E-mail address

* 8. Please re-enter your email address:

* 9. Do we have permission to share your email address with other Retreat participants?

* 10. Cell phone number (for staff eyes only):

* 11. Year in school

* 12. T-shirt size:

* 13. Meal preference

* 14. Do you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions? If yes, please explain what they are.

* 15. Please share your needed ADA-related accommodations. If you do not need accommodations please check NO. If yes, please share needed accommodations.

* 16. What do you hope to learn, gain, or explore at SoCal T*Camp?

* 17. What are some things you hope will happen at SoCal T*Camp?

* 18. What are some things you hope will NOT happen at SoCal T*Camp?

* 19. In order to create the best possible Retreat for all, we wish to gather more information about your identities.

Please write a paragraph describing how you identify yourself (i.e. how to you identify your race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, ability, etc.?). It’s okay to list that you don’t know an identity, or to not share a particular identity.

* 20. SoCal T*Camp Ground Rules

I will maintain confidentiality. I will not discuss who participated in the event, nor will I share details of what transpired in any way that could affect the privacy of the group or individuals in the group.

I will be an active participant. I will be on-time to all T*Camp activities. I will turn off my cell phone during activities. I will be "all in."

I will give a spirit of support. I will support others in the group through my words and actions, to the best of my ability. Although there is room for dialogue and disagreement, I understand the purpose of this event is to build community. To that end I will use “I statements,” not make generalizations, and not express myself in ways that could make others feel judged.

I assume others are attending with positive intentions and want this to be a good and productive experience. I realize others may hold opinions different from my own. With that in mind, I will not personalize or assume malice when others state their opinions.

I will abide by the ground rules set forth by T*Camp and agreed to by the group as a whole/majority at the start of the retreat and those in this application.