Welcome to the Smith '70 class survey!

Greetings, Smith ’70, from Suzi Natti, Susan Porter, and Lynne Withey, the survey team—welcome to the 50th reunion class survey!

Who are we now? This survey is how we all find out. It’s a way to put together the story of the past 50 years, our collective story. We hope you will blend your voice with the other roughly 500 in-touch class members to help us answer that question.

The survey covers a range of different topics. Most of the questions are quick to answer, so the whole thing takes just 15-20 minutes. All responses are anonymous and confidential.  If you need to break off in the middle, you can do that, and pick up where you stopped to finish the rest.

 We are hoping to have close to 100% participation from the class.  Why not start now? The survey results will be available online and at reunion in May.

Our deadline for responses is Friday, March 20.

 Thank you for being part of this effort!
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