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What is SmartPrize?
‘Science fair meets Shark Tank’ in this exciting ten-day competition staged April 2 through April 11, 2016 in downtown Marquette, Michigan. With a format similar to ArtPrize in Grand Rapids and OneSpark in Jacksonville, entrepreneurial competitors will create an expression of their business idea which will be displayed in businesses throughout Marquette's Downtown District. The contest will award a minimum of $20,000 in prize money to great business ideas or products that are positioned to execute. In addition to juried prizes, there is a Crowd Favorite category with a minimum purse of $2,000 that allows onlookers to vote and determine the most popular exhibit. The event concludes with SmartSummit, a two-day educational and networking opportunity on April 11 and 12, 2016, and wraps up with a SmartPrize Award Banquet.

When is SmartPrize 2016?
Exhibitors must set up their displays in the SmartPrize District by 6pm Friday, April 1, 2016. The event kicks off with SmartWalk beginning at noon on Saturday, April 2 and ends at 6pm Monday, April 11. Participating Venues must be open Monday – Saturday 12pm – 6pm and Sunday 12pm – 4pm during SmartPrize.

Why become a SmartPrize Venue?
Becoming a SmartPrize Venue is a great way to bring attention to your business. Hundreds of spectators from around the Midwest will come to Marquette to see what all the buzz is about and vote for Crowd Favorite. As a SmartPrize Venue, you will be included on the SmartPrize Map and will draw potential customers into your space. In addition, your participation lets the public know that your venue supports innovation and is helping to invest in the future of Marquette.

Who can become a SmartPrize Venue ($100 participation fee due upon signed Hosting Agreement)?
Any space within the SmartPrize district that registers during the Venue Registration period and meets approval requirements is eligible to host a SmartPrize exhibit.

Eligible Venues may be:
·         Any size
·         Public or private spaces
·         Indoors or outdoors
·         Museums, parks, university facilities, retail shops, offices spaces, restaurants, cafes or non-profits
·         Window space

Eligible Venues must:
·         Be located within the SmartPrize district
·         Be open and accessible for at least the minimum required hours and free to the public, 12pm - 6pm Monday through Saturday and 12pm - 4pm Sunday from April 2 - 11, 2016.
·         Meet federal, state, and Marquette city safety codes

The inclusion of your Venue is confirmed when you’ve contracted with an Exhibitor and you’ve paid the $100 participation fee. If an Exhibitor has not agreed to contract in your space by the end of the Registration Period at 5pm on February 29, 2016, your Venue is not eligible to participate in SmartPrize this year.

Where is the SmartPrize District located?
The SmartPrize district includes Marquette’s Downtown District, Washington from Front to Lincoln, Third Street from Fair to Baraga, and adjacent streets.