The purpose of this survey is to provide a SmartLabel™ Canada implementation forecast through December 2023. This is our 4th implementation forecast and it carries particular importance. It is the survey that will inform key stakeholders about the status of industry's commitment to transparency. Our plan is to update this implementation forecast every 6-months.

We ask every company who is a recipient of this request to submit a survey. We hope for material accuracy in the up-close segments while the further out segments will help us assess and communicate industry’s commitment to the initiative.

Our objective has remained the same since this initiative was formally launched in early 2019. That is to see each company's full portfolio supported by SmartLabel™ Canada Landing Pages. In the US, there are already over 1000 Brands providing SmartLabel® information on over 87,000 items to consumers. In the US, SmartLabel® Landing Page information is now available on over 81% of all units sold across product categories where at least one SKU was registered with SmartLabel. 

We are just beginning this journey here in Canada and this forecast survey is an important tool.

 A hard copy of the survey is attached to help your team with its data collection. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR SURVEY BY June 15, 2021 so that the results can be shared with by the FHCP Board and Allied Trade Associations by the end of June.

1.     All individual responses will be held confidentially. 
           a) You will be asked for your e-mail contact information so the SmartLabel® Brand Office can follow-up with any response questions.
           b) Your forecast will be used in aggregate to track industry commitment to SmartLabel® implementation.

2.     If you respond "yes" to question #5, you are agreeing to enable the SmartLabel Canada Team to use your company name as a confirmed SmartLabel® participant.

3.     If you need a copy of your response to any of the previous surveys, please send a request to Jim Flannery at

Why continued updates are required: There are two primary reasons our Board has asked us to regularly update plans, in addition to reporting actual SmartLabel® Landing Pages Trademark licensing agreements “live” in the market, listed on and available to consumers.

1.       The SmartLabel™ Canada Trademark licensing fees will generate the funds to help build consumer awareness. The SmartLabel® Implementation Team will use this forecast to plan when and how to market SmartLabel® to consumers from an industry perspective. We continue to encourage participating brands to market to your consumers as soon as you are in-market.

2.       We believe tracking participation in SmartLabel® will help us demonstrate industry self-regulation across a number of consumer and regulatory transparency issues.

How 6-month updates will work: Each May and November, the SmartLabel® Office will send an implementation survey to the Single-Point-of-Contact for each company. You will be asked to update your implementation forecast for the time period in the survey. We suggest that the SPOC save a copy of your submitted forecast each time, but if the SPOC changes or cannot find the last submission, the SmartLabel™ Canada Brand office will provide your last submission.

For the purpose of this survey, SmartLabel® Participation is defined as the number of SKUs you will support with a SmartLabel® Landing Page. Participating Brands can be either National, Regional, Local or Retailer Private Label Brands. Please answer only for your brands.

We will attempt to forecast CUMULATIVE NUMBER OF SKU’s WITH LIVE LANDING PAGES through Dec. 2023