Thank you for expressing interest in joining Smart Green Apartments. This program aims to work with 30 apartment buildings with a 5 building pilot already underway. The additional 25 buildings will be selected following the pilot’s completion early next year.

Please note that the Smart Green Apartments program is available for medium/high density buildings (20 apartments or more) that are located in the City of Sydney area. We are looking to select a range of building types distributed across City villages.

The full selection criteria will be released over the coming months - thank you for providing some initial information about your apartment building and registering your interest. We will be in contact soon.

* 1. Name of apartment building

* 2. Your building's address

* 3. Your building's contact person

* 4. Your building contact's position eg. Chair of Owners Corporation, Building Manager

* 5. Email address and phone number for building contact person

* 6. Name of strata manager and/or strata management company?

* 7. Number of apartments within your building?

* 8. Strata Plan #

* 9. Number of residents in your building (approximately)?

* 10. In what year was your building built?

* 11. Why do you want to nominate your building to participate in Smart Green Apartments?

* 12. I give consent for City of Sydney staff to contact me in relation to the Smart Green Apartments program (yes/no)