Please Register Your Church (to be filled out only ONCE per church by Small Group Pastor/Designee)

Thank you for your interest in the Cultivating Thriving Small Groups study. The goal is to learn about the practices of the most effective church small groups (also termed growth groups, home groups, life groups, Bible study fellowships, cell groups, and discipleship groups) and help you benchmark your groups against others.
What You'll Need to Begin
This registration form will ask for some basic information about your church, but before you begin, here are the kinds of information you should have on hand before clicking through to the registration site:
   - church's average adult weekend worship attendance (each year since 2013)
   - how many adults are regularly involved in small groups (each year since 2013)
   - the year your church was founded
   - names and email addresses for members of 3-5 small groups (at least one of which is a top performer in your top 10% of groups, and at least two of which in your top 50%, ranking average or better)
What Comes Next
Once you fill out this registration document, each member of the small groups you nominate will receive an email directing them to take the Cultivating Thriving Small Groups survey.  Every two weeks, you will receive an email with completion percentages for each group until at least 80% of each group has completed the survey.  We appreciate your help in encouraging your group members to complete the survey.
If you have questions at any point, please email or phone 626 815-6000 x 2614. Our prayer is that God will multiply the time you’re investing in this survey by learning how you can help your groups greatly increase their effectiveness.  
Let's Get Started
The first step, however, is that we need to get your official permission on a form that has an academic feel to it. . .

- Dr. Ryan Hartwig, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA
- Dr. Courtney Davis, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA
- Pastor Jason Sniff, Eastview Christian Church, Normal, IL

9% of survey complete.