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Small Business Australia is committed to helping you succeed as a business; whatever success looks like for you. This is an annual survey commissioned by Small Business Australia so we can know where to focus our efforts on advocating to government and providing resources and services in supporting you.
On behalf of the 2 million plus Australian small business owning families, thank you for investing your time to share with us your views and priorities for the year ahead.
The survey takes approximately ten minutes, and we’d really appreciate your time in completing it. All information will be managed in accordance with Small Business Australia’s Privacy Agreement
As a small thank-you for completing the survey, we would like send you a $250 Gift Voucher which can be used for Small Business Australia’s promotional, coaching or advisory services. If you would like to receive this Gift Voucher, just provide your details at the end of the survey so we can send this to you.
Warm regards, keep well and buy local for the year ahead,
Bill Lang and the Small Business Australia Team
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