Sly Park Assessment Questions

We hope you had a great time at Sly Park! We enjoyed having you and your teachers and chaperones. Can you do us a favor? Can you take a moment to answer these anonymous questions? We are trying to measure how well we are teaching at Sly Park. It may be fun for you, remembering some of the things that we did up there! Thanks and we hope to see you again in the future!

* 1. Water running downhill wears away the Earth’s landscape and changes it over time. Examples of this are:

* 2. The main goal for building a survival shelter is:

* 3. Scientists learning about melting polar ice and ocean temperatures, and have developed the following theory:

* 4. The Sun’s energy reaches the Earth in what form?

* 5. What transfers heat from inside the Earth to the Earth’s surface?

* 6. This diagram shows a (Sly Park) forest food chain.

Nuts and seeds >> Rodents >> Fox >> Mountain Lion

* 7. Which of the following are NON-renewable resources?

* 8. Fog and clouds are examples of which part of the water cycle?

* 9. To conduct a scientific experiment, first__________________.

* 10. Choose the best definition of erosion.

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