Visitor Use Survey

* 1. How far in advance did you plan todays trip?

* 2. How many people are in your group today?

* 3. Zip Code

* 4. Please rate how much of a problem you think the following conditions are at Slide Rock State Park

  Not a problem A slight problem A serious problem Don't know
Damage to park's natural area
Damage to historical or archaeological sites
Decrease in wildlife sightings
Impact to water quality
Impact to air quality
Shade structures near the water and slide areas
Coolers and ice chests by the waters edge
Litter or trash dumping
Picnicking in swim area

* 5. Please rate the importance of the following items when visiting Slide Rock State Park

  Not important Somewhat important  Very important Don't know
Provide park signs
Provide park maps and information
Enforce existing rules and regulations
Keep park and surrounding are in good condition
Improve damage to environment and surrounding area
Prevent damage to environment and surrounding area
Programs that promote safe and responsible recreation

* 6. Please provide additional comments