Skyline Community Church is a growing community - we are called to let our light shine in worship, education, social justice, eco-justice, fellowship, and fun! We are one body with many different gifts of time, treasure and talents.We need one another, each doing something, in order to sustain ourselves. We are asking you to contribute generously, as you can.

In addition to your financial pledge, which will help us in planning our annual budget, we invite you to consider your particular talents and passions, and how you'd like to shine!

If each of us worked just seven hours a month imagine the impact it would have.

Please check all the areas which you think you'd enjoy becoming involved with; those area where you have some skill that you can share, or areas where you want to learn and grow Remember, you are not limited in how many you choose in each area of church life.

Blessings, Pastor Laurie, and the 2019 Stewardship team

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* 1. Please give us your name (required - thank you!)  Please give us your contact information unless you know we already have it. Thank you!

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Skyline Church asks for your financial support to continue to "Let the light shine brightly" from our sanctuary high in the Oakland Hills where heaven meets earth. Everyone’s participation at any level counts! Your time and energy are most appreciated!

If you are more comfortable, you can share your financial commitment directly with our treasurer, Steve Kilgore; 510-336-9594, , rather than share this info online.

Otherwise,  please indicate your faith financial promise of weekly, monthly, or annual giving to Skyline, for 52 weeks beginning July, 2019. (DO NOT ENTER COMMAS, a DECIMAL or $).  This field is checking for positive whole numbers at the end of the survey.)

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* 3. Click here if you want to continue with all your time and talent commitments from last year, or add to them:

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* 4. Time and Talent Section


Caring: In time of need it is always nice to be remembered. If you enjoy giving hugs, calls, maybe taking someone to a doctor, or bringing a meal, etc, then caring outreach is for you!

Hospitality/Social: for those who enjoy parties! From snacks after service on Sunday to maybe a church -wide gala evening of dancing, dining, and fellowship; hospitality is the place for your secret desire to be an event planner.

Weddings/Rentals: Skyline has a thriving rental service to the community, with over 30 weddings a year held on our lovely grounds and dozens of smaller meetings. We host several nonprofit meetings every year. 

Office & Communications: Throughout the year extra help in the office is greatly appreciated on an as-needed basis or regularly.  

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Finance: Without a strong overview of finances, no institution will flourish. The finance team keeps tabs on the money and creates the annual budget, and offers support to the elected treasurer.The team meets only when necessary, more often in the spring as the new budget year approaches.

Stewardship - The Stewardship team organizes and carries out the important task of managing the annual all-church appeal.

Long Range Planning - is for the futurists in our midst. Without a vision can we have a goal?

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The nuts and bolts of keeping the building and lawns maintained.

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The young ones are our future, full of joy, curiosity and energy!  If you love children, here you can help them grow in spirit.

Included here are volunteer positions related to the preschool.

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A critical component of any church, the membership team welcomes newcomers, helps them become more involved, keeps tabs on current members, and teaches newcomers about Skyline and the UCC

Greeters and ushers are part of this area of church life.

The Involvement Volunteers take these time and talent surveys and guide people to areas of involvement within the congregation.

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Worship & Music: The heartbeat of any congregation is quality Sunday programs. From behind the scenes support to being a worship associate, from singing, playing an instrument to running the AV there's plenty to do.

Adult Programs: Ongoing Bible study, short term classes, all designed for your spiritual growth.

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Formerly Church in the World, the J & W and Green Teams offer services to local and global communities in need of food, money, time, ingenuity and love for humanity and for the planet.