Supporting Specialized Skills Development for SMEs: Big Data, Internet of Things & Cybersecurity

The digital revolution is about large tech companies but, especially, about start-ups and SMEs that provide or use digital solutions. SMEs compose approximately 95% of the economy in Europe. The variety of SMEs is huge, from innovative and fast-growing companies that provide or use digital solutions, to SMEs that face challenges such as finding the time, financial resources and skills to benefit from digital technologies. Addressing these challenges, by SMEs and their partners, will allow SMEs to continue to push the European economy forward.

The European Commission and EASME took the initiative to analyze and support SMEs’ skills development for Big Data, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity. This initiative is managed by a consortium of Capgemini Invent, Technopolis Group and the European DIGITAL SME Alliance. Together with SMEs and other stakeholders a vision and roadmap have been developed that requires your feedback. The overall aim is to contribute to strengthening SMEs’ workforce adaptability and capacity for the short to medium term.

In this survey we invite you to assess the streams, supporting measures and the vision. If you are missing or have any comments on the goals or supporting measures, you can mention these after ranking the goals and measures.
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